All About Me

Because I believe that you are not defined by your accomplishments (or lack there of) I generally take a different approach to introducing myself.  With that being said, I am loyal to a fault and I admire perseverance.  I do not respect the words “can’t” or “try” as these are often words of the weak, but I also believe that out-growing perfectionism is a sure sign of maturity.  I don’t believe that saying “someday” means “never”, but it means that you are still optimistic enough to dream.  I believe that happiness is often over-rated but being content will allow for a long and joyful life.  I am devout in my faith, but I respect that yours may be different than mine.  I am just as conservative as I am liberal so when I vote (and I do vote because it not only is my right, but my responsibility), I vote for the person and not for the party that they are affiliated with.  I love children and I love to teach, but I have no desire to teach children in a classroom.  I appreciate awkward moments in life as I believe it teaches you to resolve conflict effectively and empathize sincerely.   I believe that America really is the greatest place in the world to raise a family, but I did not come to that conclusion without first living elsewhere.  With that in mind, I look forward to the day that my children are grown so that I can live abroad again.  I have a strong personality that usually works to my advantage, but when it doesn’t, I am not above apologizing and asking for forgiveness.  Although I can not stand restrictive boundaries, I am a rule follower.  Similar to many of you, I am student, but not necessarily a traditional student. Over the years I have taken “breaks” in my education to support my spouse’s career, to live abroad and to raise my children.  Although I value education, I feel that life experience often out-weighs many classroom opportunities. I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and life-long learner.  And now it appears that I am a blogger.  Happy reading.


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