Yes, You in the Cute Little “Ladybug” Slug Bug…

November 2, 2011

As I do every morning, I was driving my kids to school today and low and behold I found my life being challenged by a little red “slug-bug” with cute little black dots all over it.  Although, the car was adorable, the little texter behind the wheel was NOT.  To begin with, there is no route that I can take without passing through the congested road that runs in front of our local high school.  This in and of itself, is already a dangerous situation, but most people adhere to the school zone and I rarely notice anyone breaking the “no cell phone law” in the mornings.  However, apparently when they were teaching the “school zone = no cell phone law” in driver’s education, our little slug bugger decided that a feasible alternative would be to text in our school zone.

So here we are (my two daughters and I), just driving along when a little red blob starts veering toward oncoming traffic.  The car in front of me swerves out of the way and I swerve into the ditch on my side of the road.  She looks up, corrects, and then waves and mouths the word “SORRY.”  Sorry, Seriously?  Uttering the word “sorry” is just not going to cut it in the situation.  Little girl, you need to be thanking your lucky stars that I did not have time to hunt you down this morning.  You need to be thankful that I didn’t get my car stuck in this ditch.  You need to be thankful that I didn’t stop my car and lose my religion in front of the whole town.  But more than anything, you need to be thankful that you didn’t hurt yourself or anyone else.

So as I am here behind my keyboard venting to all of you, the sweet little girl in her cute little car is sitting in class, hopefully reflecting on how valuable life is.  However, this message is not for her.  This message is for all of you (my readers) that still text and drive.  This morning is only one example of many encounters that I have faced on the road because of texting and driving.  On my commute to school last week I watched a man in my rear-view mirror get within inches of a passing 18-wheeler on the highway and then return to his text as soon as the truck passed.  I have been in the car with some of you, while you are texting.  There are options: hand your phone to someone else in the car and let them text for you (I have my kids text for me so often that my husband actually now asks who is on the other end of the text), pull over (if it is that important than there is a shoulder or nearby parking lot calling your name), or call someone.  My husband would actually tell you that the last option that I gave is not an option, but at this point, ANYTHING is better than texting.  Please, heed my warning (or my begging)!



  1. I agree! I have found myself texting and driving before and when I do, I immediately stop. It is dangerous and distracting. I’ve seen others in cars around me do it and they usually pay no attention to traffic laws or pedestrians!

  2. I am a victim of texting and driving, however, you are totally correct. I am learning the importance of not texting and driving because of so many people who have been in accidents due to this. My attention span is also very short, along with others. I know that drivers are probably 10% focused on the road and 90% focused on what they are texting. This really does need to get passed along before someone ends up losing their life over something that could have been easily avoided.

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